Frequently Asked Questions

What is FitClick Biz?

FitClick Biz is a self-serve site creator that enables personal trainers, gym owners and others to create a custom-branded workout and diet planning and tracking site that can be seamlessly integrated with their existing Websites. Each site will have the Web's best fitness tools that are a result of millions of dollars of research and development and over a decade of software development by a talented team of MIT trained engineers.

What features and tools are on each site?

Each site will have our state-of-the-art: workout tracker, diet tracker, diet scorecard, customizable workouts, customizable diets, workout creator, diet creator, workout sharing, diet sharing, over 900 exercises with videos that are swappable, 40,000+ food database, recipe finder, recipe maker, weight and measurement charts, user profile, friend finder, groups functionality, message boards, blogs, BMI and body fat calculator, calorie and calories burned calculator, mentor functionality, CMS content spots, activity log, rewards points and more.

What does FitClick Biz cost?

FitClick Biz is affordably priced at $49.95 for a one-time set-up and then $49.95 per month for 25 user accounts on your site. Larger packages of user accounts are also available.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you may cancel at any time, unless otherwise agreed to. Your site will remain active until the end of your currently paid month and there are no partial month refunds.

Can I make money with my site?

Yes. We have priced FitClick Biz at such an affordable level to help you be as profitable as possible with your site.

Is the FitClick Biz site branded like my main site?

Yes. You will upload your logo and choose a full color palette for your site so that it will match the branding of your main site or any other look-and-feel you choose. If you prefer that we build your site for you, we will coordinate with you on the branding that you want.

Can I integrate my own workouts and diets on my site?

Yes. The FitClick Biz platform enables you to integrate as many workout routines and diet plans as you like. Each workout and diet will then be available to be interactively used through the site by your user. You may also enter any content via the CMS (content management system) spots located on your site.

How is a FitClick Biz site built?

Our proprietary technology enables you to create a custom branded site in minutes simply by providing the appropriate information in step-by-step process. You may also contact us and we will build the site for you.

Is a user billing system included with my FitClick Biz site?

Yes, you may choose to use our user billing system with your FitClick Biz site. Set-up takes just a few minutes and the billing system automates user account access.

Can I use my own or a third party billing system?

Yes, you may use your own or a third party billing system with your FitClick Biz site. If you do so, we recommend that you integrate our single-sign-on API's so that you do not have to manually manage user access with registration codes and user cancellation. Our single-sign-on API's automate customer account creation, customer login and customer cancellation between your main site (with billing) and your FitClick Biz site.

When do I need to use registration codes?

You will need to use registration codes to provide for user access to your site unless you do one or both of the following: i) use the FitClick Biz billing system or ii) integrate our single-sign-on API's. If you do choose to use registration codes, then each user of your site must enter one of the registration codes upon his initial registration on your site. Registration codes are used to ensure that each user has permission to access your site. You are solely responsible for providing registration codes to your site users.

How are user accounts terminated?

If you use the FitClick Biz billing system, users can cancel their accounts at any time on your site. If you integrate our single-sign-on API's, user accounts will be terminated automatically on your FitClick Biz site when they are terminated on your main site. If you choose not to use our billing system or integrate the single-sign-on API's, then you must manually cancel user accounts via the “Site Management” link on your site.

Are single-sign-on API's available?

Yes. Our single-sign-on API's automate customer account creation, customer login and customer cancellation between your main site and your FitClick Biz site. Please contact us at if you are interested in integrating our single-sign-on API's. Additional fees apply.

What price can I charge users of my site?

If you use your own billing system, you many charge your site users any amount you want. You may also choose to give it away for free to users. If you use the FitClick Biz billing system you must choose one of the price packages available.

Can I change my site branding later?

Yes, you can edit your site branding at any time after the initial site creation. If we build your site for you, we can edit it for you as well (fees may apply.)

How is the site integrated with other sites?

After your site has been created we will provide you with a URL to the site home page. You may then integrate one or more of the URLs of your site into the navigation buttons or other links of any other site of your choosing.

If I build my own site on FitClick Biz, how do I get the color codes for the palette?

We recommend that you download one of these software programs that will allow you to see all color codes on an existing web page.
For a PC, use: colorpic
For a Mac, use: hexpicker

How do I load additional CMS and other content on my site?

To load CMS content spots, after your site has been created simply click the “Site Management” link in the header and then click on the "CMS" link. Once in the CMS, simply follow the instructions. You can also create blog postings, message board topics and posts and comment on your users wall at any time directly through your site.

How does the iPhone app work with my site?

The iPhone app, named Trimfone, allows your users to access their accounts on your site, and it enables the mobile tracking of diets and workouts, real-time syncing with your site and more. You may also get a custom-branded iPhone app for additional fees.

What are the fees for using the billing system?

The Billing Service Fee is equal to 5.9% multiplied by the total gross revenue collected each calendar month on your site via the billing system. So, for example, if you sell $1,000 worth of subscriptions (gross revenue) in a given month the Billing Service Fee for such month will be $59.00.

Are there any set-up or fixed fees for using the billing system?

No, the billing system set-up is free and there are no fixed fees.

Are merchant bank fees included in the billing service fee?

Yes, all merchant bank fees are included in the Billing Service Fee.

How is the payment to me calculated?

The payment to you is based on Net Revenue earned on your site each calendar month and is calculated as follows: Net Revenue Payment = Gross Revenue minus Billing Service Fee minus any chargebacks and refunds incurred on your site. Gross Revenue is the total dollars collected on your site by our billing system in each calendar month.

When will I receive my payment?

You will be paid the Net Revenue Payment owed to you within 30 days of the end of the month in which it was collected. However, the minimum Net Revenue balance required for payment is $25.00, and you will not be paid the Net Revenue Payment until your account balance is $25.00 or greater.

Is affiliate marketing allowed if I use the billing system?

No, you are prohibited from using affiliate marketing programs to sell subscriptions to your site using our billing system.

Am I responsible for paying taxes on subscriptions to my site?

Yes, you are solely responsible for paying any sales or other taxes owed for subscriptions to your site. Consult your tax accountant to determine if any taxes are required to be paid. State and local authorities have varying tax policies related to internet based transactions. FitClick Biz is a division of Genesant Technologies, Inc. and Genesant is solely located in Virginia, which currently does not require sales tax on internet transactions; however, your state or local authorities may have different policies that govern you.

Can I stop using your billing system at any time?

Yes, you may stop using our billing system at any time.

Do I need to use the registration codes if I use your billing system?

No, your site subscribers will not need to enter registration codes if you use our billing system.

Am I able to offer custom subscription prices, terms and free trial periods?

No, currently you must choose from the subscription options available in billing set-up. We require a free trial with subscriptions to reduce the likelihood of chargebacks.